Monday, February 23, 2009

19 1/2 Weeks

19 1/2 weeks! She got measured today and she is
about 10 ounces! She's looking a bit skeletal today! Everything is going well though. Matt is getting prepared for his trip to Africa within the next couple weeks and then the Rodeo will be in town! We are going to see Brad Paisley!!
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The Beginning of a Nursery!

Our Nursery! We have gotten alot done but there
is still plenty to do!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mackenzie Lyn Allphin

We have finally decided on the name Mackenzie Lyn Allphin :) This is our 16 week pictures where we went to confirm that she was girl. We get to go back to the Dr. on Feb. 9th where we will get our 18 week pictures. Hopefully she will be moving around a bit. So far she just likes to sleep at the appointments. We are getting close to having the nursery done. We have painted it pink! And we picked up the furniture this weekend. All Matt has left to do is the crown molding and chair rail which he plans to do while I'm in Atlanta next weekend. I'm finally starting to get a small bump but I have only gained 3 pounds - I'm sure it is all to come soon enough. We did buy her her first bathing suit this weekend which she will be wearing when we go to Hawaii this December for her Aunt Mary Lyn's wedding!! I will update again when we get the nursery done and we get her 18 week pictures! Love everyone.