Tuesday, June 23, 2009

37 WEEKS!!

I am now 37 weeks! As of last week I was 1 cm dilated and 80% thinned. I have another appointment tomorrow so we will see if anything has happened. As of right now if she doesn't come early, the Dr. is going to induce me on July 8, 2009. We are looking forward to this date! Things have been good, we have been relaxing by the pool and trying to stay cool in this HOT Texas weather. Matt was able to get out and play golf on Father's Day which he enjoyed. We can't wait for Mackenzie to come!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

34 1/2 weeks

This picture was taken at 34 1/2 weeks. I went to the Dr. yesterday and I'm .5 cm dialated and 80% thinned out so its a start. She says that Mackenzie should be here on her due date and possibly early! We will see. Not too much going on here. My work threw me a surprise baby shower last week which was really sweet. We only have a few things left to get ready for her arrival! Matt and I both have been busy with work during the week and hanging out with our friends here on the weekends at the pool!
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