Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Bigger!

Mackenzie seems to be getting so big. At her last doctors appointment she was 10lbs. 6 oz (50th percentile) 23 inches (75th percentile) and her head was 13.75 (50th percentile) ! She had a lot of shots that day but recovered nicely. I started back work 2 weeks ago and she has been staying with her Nana, which she loves. On Monday she starts day care so we will see how that goes! Matt was in Peru this past week and got back this morning. We are so excited to have him home! Mackenzie smiles all the time and has a really cute giggle now that makes us laugh! She is getting much better at holding her head up. She'll be 12 weeks on Monday so hopefully we are going to do her 3 month pictures soon. We've been staying really busy with work and just being with her. Tomorrow we are off to Oktoberfest with our favorite people, Lauren, Joey, & Sophia, for some German beer and food!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Football Weekend!

Mackenzie is ready for her first Auburn Football Game today!! Thank's to JR who sent her this cute shirt to wear on game day! All is well here, Matt has been in Africa all week and is to return tomorrow. He is really sad that he is missing all this football. Mackenzie is getting bigger by the day, she goes to the doctor next week so we will see how big she is! She is much more animated now smiling and trying to laugh at us. Her laughs are kind of shrieks right now! I start back work in a week and not looking forward to leaving her behind but her grandma will be taking good care of her until her spot opens at day care!
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