Friday, July 23, 2010

It's My Party!

So yes I know its been like 3 months since my last post. I'm not very good at this blog thing. Mackenzie is growing so much each day. She turned one on July 6th and I swear she had a week celebration! My sister came into town as well as my aunt Angelia and we just had a great time. Her birthday party was phenomenal! I now understand the effects of sugar on a child! Thank you to all who came. Matt and I created a playroom for Mackenzie, which I will post pictures soon, and she just loves to play in it. We are still not walking but close. I was a very late walker so I'm guessing she's taking after me. She is a very easy going baby and likes to do things in her own time! She deffinitly looks like daddy and dada is still her favorite word. We have gotten LaLa (thanks to Lauren), mommy, and nana but currently she just like to point at everything and have you tell her what it is. She is getting more teeth every day, I think we are up to 10 maybe? Matt and I have been staying busy with work and what not. Right now he is scheduled to leave for Colombia in Oct. but that seems to change daily. Our summer so far has been hot and humid but we are enjoying it. This weekend Lauren and I are going to see Laday Gaga and then the following weekend we are taking Mackenzie to Birmngham for my 10 year reunion. I can't wait to see my girls!! And for anyone who doesn't know by now, my sister is having a boy, Ty Daniel and is due in Oct. I can't wait to have a nephew. Other then that life is good. We have a few more concerts this summer and I'm hoping to make a trip in the fall to Chicago to see the Reid's! Hopefully I will be better at keeping the blog up!